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Stores Management, Optimisation and Design

Inventory Management Outsourcing

  • Dedicated SOS staff on site, managing the day to day running of your Maintenance/Engineering Stores
  • Stock optimisation, analysis of stock movement, to optimise Min/Max levels, obsolescence, rationalisation, criticality and asset mapping
  • Reduction of “Walk and Wait” time, utilising line side stock locations, KanBan and remote stock system access
  • Either integrating and utilising your existing stock management system, or stand alone, using the SOS system

Vendor Reduction Program

  • Identification and analysis of existing stock profile
  • Highlight stock duplication
  • Tail end supplier reduction
  • Optimising supply chain and facilitating “difficult” transactions (i.e. overseas)
  • Reduce Back Office transaction cost (order creation, expediting, invoice processing, returns etc.)


  • Project management
  • Ground up stores design
  • Redesign to optimise stores footprint
  • Maximise stores capacity by utilising correct storage media
  • Mezzanine floor installation
  • Kardex/Carousel installation, systems and hardwear
  • Parts cataloguing
  • Stock Checking

Inventory Optimisation

  • Analysis of usage data
  • Identify slow moving/obsolete stock
  • Archiving of slow/none moving stock (Chocolate Boxing)
  • Stock write off processing
  • Reduction of stock duplication utilising universal part numbers
  • Min/Max profiling, using “Time/Need” matrix

Maintenance and Engineering Support

  • PM Kitting
  • Stock availability forward planning
  • Asset mapping/Bill of materials (BOM)
  • OEM Part conversion
  • “Up Reving” of parts
  • Cross over of obsolete parts
  • Sourcing obsolete parts where cross over not possible
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Made to order parts
  • Repair